Multifamily Rental

We work as either a direct owner, joint venturer or service operator of low income affordable housing units. We collaborate in the local communities with governmental agencies, mission-driven organizations and private enterprises.  We harness the collective energy of community leaders, property owners, neighbors, social entrepreneurs, volunteers, and professionals to preserve and create affordable housing, deliver Supportive Housing Services Programs to residents and enrich community outreach.  We have also received from the California State Board of Equalization our Organizational Clearance Certificate, Welfare or Veterans’ Organization Exemption.


We assist low income families and individuals and inspirit a transformative community where different backgrounds come together in knowing one another, respecting one another, and supporting one another. We help low income individuals and families without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, family status, age, or disabilities.

We support economically vulnerable individuals, as well as those with developmental disabilities, by creating an environment and conditions that foster dignity, respect and enhance the quality of life. Through property rehabilitations, coordination of resident supportive housing services, and creation of innovative resident empowerment programs, we emphasize and promote the development of family and community ties, awareness, education, advocacy, and self-determination.


We operate alongside property managers and asset managers to integrate resident considerations and needs into capital expenditure projects and property management. We recognize the value of a holistic approach to managing property and resident issues in advancing the lives of residents, as well as the lives of their loved ones. Our supportive service programs cover health and wellness education, economic self-sufficiency counseling, job-related workshops, safety seminars, recreational activities and resident volunteerism.