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Bella Communities is formulating a Demonstration Phase of the ReV-UP Program and is looking to partner with additional low-income properties serving families, seniors, veterans, developmental disabled (approximately 6,000 households) to be “early pioneers”.  TKDP_0070he ReV-UP (an acronym for Resident Volunteership United Program) program  is an innovative initiative designed to mobilize low-income residents to volunteer in their community, accrue skills and social capital, take charge to avoid financial crisis, and earn an economic opportunity.   During the demonstration phase over a 2-year period, Bella Communities wants to advance the ReV-UP program and achieve the following goals:

  • Mobilize significantly more residents to participate in the volunteer program, earn an economic opportunity and increase civic engagement;
  • Identify, measure key outputs and survey impact to residents, property owners and non-profit host sites;
  • Make refinements to the implementation and training methodology, document lessons learned, evaluate tool kits, enhance the robust data collection tool, and improve the delivery of services through a replication model; and,
  • Gather a larger body of evidence to move beyond the demonstration phase and to steer conversation about low-income housing and services.

If you are looking to adopt this program, to more effectively direct your supportive service spending dollars, and to be part of the “early pioneers” learning cluster, please contact us directly or complete the form below.

Download ReV-UP Program Overview:

ReV-UP Cover copy






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