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Bella Communities believes that low-income families deserve a meaningful livelihood. The foundation to build that livelihood is access to affordable housing. We work to preserve, provide and operate affordable housing for low-income families and people with special needs. We believe that when housing provision is enhanced with empowering supportive service programs, we equip our low-income housing residents with the opportunity to not just get by, but to get ahead.

Beyond housing, we innovate supportive service programs to bring sustainable results to our low-income housing residents to achieve self-determination and self-actualization. Our resident volunteership program engages low-income housing residents to volunteer, earn an economic opportunity, build self-worth and aspire.

Safe and decent Housing Assets coupled with Social Capital create thriving Community Impact for all citizens.

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Our strategy is to provide Affordable Housing Owners with an effective tool to spend supportive service monies that actually  minimize rent losses, preserve physical assets and build social capital.

Our strategy is to provide Low-Income Residents with volunteer opportunities that lead to financial empowerment and stability, civic engagement and larger social networks, valuable skill building and increased self worth.


Our strategy is to provide local non-profits and community agencies with new volunteer resources so they can build more capacity, further their reach,  and create community bonds between those who receive and/or serve.


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Bella Communities was founded in 2009 and obtained our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in 2010.